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Strike On - 2015

Materials: microphone, aluminum, motor with miscellaneous hardware, microprocessor controller with miscellaneous electronics and electrical, miscellaneous audio equipment

Dimensions (h x w x d): machine with no extensions 7 x 9 x 21 inches

Software design: Wild Rhombus Software
Machine design: Victor Wong

Strike On is a kinetic sculpture and an instrument.

Strike On uses a microphone as percussion instrument. These machines are designed to run independently, controlled by a microprocessor; and they are designed to be manually adjusted through control dials and through various alterable appendages.

Strike On microphones are amplified some of the time, unamplified at other times.

See also: Count and Strike and Spin, Strike and Hit

Exhibition and Performance History:
2015 Art Gallery of Ontario (Toronto, Canada), 2015 Errant Bodies Sound Art Space (Berlin, Germany)