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Mic Spin - 2015

Materials: shotgun microphone, wood, aluminum, motor with miscellaneous hardware, microprocessor controller with miscellaneous electronics and electrical, sound transmitter and receiver, stand, miscellaneous audio equipment

Dimensions (h x w x d):†paper wall 10 x 14 inches, large platform 8 x 90 x 90 inches

Software design: Wild Rhombus Software

Mic Spin is a kinetic sculpture and an instrument.

Mic Spin uses a turning shotgun microphone and a live or pre-recorded sound source. When a pre-recorded sound is used, the speakerís fidelity can range from high to low.

Mic Spin is able to move at varying speeds and in both directions. This machine is designed to run independently, controlled by a microprocessor; and it is designed to be manually operated with a foot pedal.

As Mic Spinís shotgun microphone passes by a sound source, it picks up and transmits to a sound system that in turn amplifies the sound. How this sound is then heard depends on a range of factors including microphone movement and placement, sound source amplitude, room or space resonance, etc.

See also: Spincycle, Count and Strike and Spin, Orchestra of the Tactile

Exhibition and Performance History:
2019 fluff (Avatar, Quebec City, Canada), 2018 Points of Listening (London, United Kingdom), 2018 Experimental Intermedia (New York, NY), 2017 Le Mois Multi (Quebec City, Canada); 2015 Errant Bodies Sound Art Space (Berlin, Germany); 2015 Music Gallery (Toronto, Canada)