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Soundball (crate amp) - 2017

Materials: sound, customized wood crate with built in surface resonating speakers and amps, 2 custom soundball stands and 2 soundballs (stainless steel rice ball, microprocessor, sound board, accelerometer, LEDs and cable), wood step

Dimensions (h x w x d): ball 6 inches diameter, crate amp 20.5 x 41 x 25 inches

Software design: Wild Rhombus Software

Soundball (crate amp) is both an instrument and a sculpture. Viewers can manipulate the soundballs as a way to play with sound compositions. Each ball contains an accelerometer: the sound in each ball slows down or speeds up based on the ball's axial location. The crate functions as a crate, a small stage and a speaker. The top surface is fitted with a bass resonator allowing viewers who stand on the crate to feel the sound as much as they hear it. An additional mid range resonator sounds the side of the crate.

See also: Soundball (guitar amps), Soundball: Dancehauling, Soundball 4, Warm Weather, Marla Hlady & The Tristanos

Exhibition and Performance History:
2019 Guelph Museums (Guelph, Canada), 2019 VTape (Toronto, Canada), 2018 VibraFusion Lab (Hamilton, Canada), 2017 Museum London (London, Canada), 2017 Thames Art Gallery (Chatham-Kent, Canada)