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Drumming Displaced into Different Sized Jam Jars

- 1999

Materials: plywood, lead, plasticine, egg cartons, paint, misc. hardware, steel stands with casters, mechanical toys, speakers, jars with metal stands, computer and miscellaneous electronics and electrical hardware

Dimensions (h x w x d): each box is approximately 18 x 18 x 18 inches

Software design: Duane Mulder

Collection of The Art Gallery of Ontario

The box interiors are lined with egg cartons to both sound proof and create an ideal sound recording space, a viewing window is provided. Additional soundproofing is provided through lead and plasticine layers. Each toy's drumming speed is controlled by its own seemingly random computer programme, varying the speed from a stationary position to rapid drumming. Each toy has a microphone strapped to the left arm picking up the sound of the toy’s motor, gears and drum tapping. The sound from each microphone is heard through four small speakers positioned beneath glass jars directly in front of the sound proof box. The jars act as resonating chambers, varying and complicating the speaker tone based on the size of the jar and distance above the speaker.

Exhibition History:
1999 Women's Art Resource Centre (W.A.R.C) (part of “The Music 4 Eye and Ear, International Sound Sculpture Festival and Symposium”) (Toronto, Canada); 1999 La Centrale (Montreal, Canada); 1999 Blackwood Gallery (Mississauga, Canada)