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Wilderness Tourist 2

- 2006

Materials: iridescent taffeta, metal armatures, industrial grommets, lights, hardware, microprocessor, light sensors, sound

Dimensions (h x w x d): each form is approximately 168 x 48 x 108 inches

Light circuit design: Gherkin Works
Software design: Wild Rhombus Software

Wilderness Tourist is a three dimensional iridescent fabric sculpture in two parts built to fill two windows. The fabric forms are punctuated with random patterns of industrial sized grommets and the interior of each form is fitted with a lighting system. The iridescent fabric’s surface changes with the shifting daylight. Depending on the quality of light and from which angle you look at the surface, the colour changes (iridescent fabric is typically made with a weave of two different colours). The exterior light also effects the interior lights of the sculpture through a light sensor: the darker it is outside, the more luminous the lights inside the sculpture, the brighter it is outside, the lower the interior light. As is common with window displays, audio is used but instead of the popular choice of music, the sound of a canoe being paddled is heard on the street.

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Exhibition History:
2006 site work located in The Hudson’s Bay department store at Yonge St. and Richmond St. (Toronto) sponsored by Interaccess Electronic Media Arts Centre in partnership with the City of Toronto (Canada)