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- 2003

Materials: ceiling fans, audio equipment and batteries, plastic, movement switches, microprocessor and misc. electronics, sound

Software design: Stephen Parkinson.

Dimensions: each fan spans 54 inches

Mounted on each ceiling fan is one speaker and audio equipment. Sound is activated with a tilt switch (movement activated switch) when a fan starts spinning. The sound consists of two simple, hummed melody. Each two-minute recording is endlessly looped while the fan spins – six fans spinning six melodies to create a chorus. The spinning speakers give the audio a tremolo effect (like the spinning speakers of the Hammond organ) which varies based on the fan’s speed. Each fan is moving in the same pattern (controlled by a computer) but the staggered start time of each fan results in an ever-changing pattern.

See also: Spincycle, Amp Spin, Mic Spin

Exhibition History:
2010 Electric Eclectic Festival (Meaford, Canada); 2005 Toronto Convention Centre (in conjunction with Toronto International Art Fair, Canada); 2003 York Quay Gallery (Toronto, Canada)