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The Only One My Arms Will Ever Hold (Blue Moon)

- 2003

Made in collaboration with John Abram

Materials: plasticine, speakers, audio electronics, switches and sound

Dimensions: 9 inches diameter

An arrangement of Harold Arlen's "Blue Moon" for vibraphone, piano, bass and drums. For the arrangement, a process was devised where every 7th note was selected (regardless of which instrument that note belonged to) and split off from the others.  This was repeated 6 times for 7 fragments – one for each speaker in the ball. Using repetitions and loop lengths, the individual fragments playing on each speaker "come together" every hour in theory, though in practice this proved impossible with the technology. The piece is a fragmented kind of free-improvisation which now and then resembles a tune you think you remember.  Once in a blue moon you recognize the tune.

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Exhibition History:
2009 Electric Eclectic Festival (Meaford, Canada); 2004 Owen's Art Gallery (Sackville, Canada); 2003 Art Gallery of Calgary (Canada);