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Basement Bass (Gairloch Gardens Gallery) - 2011

Materials: wood, bass speaker drivers with amplifiers, sound

Dimensions (h x w x d): floor is approximately 228 x 168 x 6 inches

Software design: Wild Rhombus Software

Basement Bass was part of the solo exhibition Rooms at Oakville Galleries Gairloch Gardens exhibition space, a site-related collection of works. The building's architecture was used as a departure point for designing audio playback systems for sound compositions using field recordings made in the building itself.

In the basement right below this room there is another room almost identical in shape and size. Basement Bass has no scale or ratio change but rather draws your attention to the similarity of the rooms through the floor: it's as if the basement floor is brought up into this gallery. Bass audio drivers attached to the raised floor construction allow the new floor to act as a speaker for playing back the recordings of all rooms in the basement simultaneously.

See also: First Floor Cubed, Second Floor Window Fill, Third Floor Radiator, Basement Bass (Borealis), Basement Bass (Barnicke)

Exhibition History:
2011 Oakville Galleries Gairloch Gardens (Oakville, Canada)