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First Floor Cubed - 2011

Materials: custom fabricated speaker boxes with stands, custom built machines for opening and closing blinds, sound, miscellaneous hardware, audio and electronic equipment

Dimensions (h x w x d): gallery is approximately 216 x 324 x 108 inches

Software design: Wild Rhombus Software

Photo credit: Toni Hafkenscheid

First Floor Cubed was part of the solo exhibition Rooms at Oakville Galleries Gairloch Gardens exhibition space, a site-related collection of works. The building's architecture was used as a departure point for designing audio playback systems for sound compositions using field recordings made in the building itself.

I imagine each room on the first floor as 1/6 its actual size; 1:6, a scale commonly used for dolls with articulated limbs like G.I. Joe and Barbie. These smaller rooms are then reshaped from the architectural form to a cubic form. Each cube is then placed approximately where it would have been located on the floor plan.

The blinds in this room are mechanized and act as a volume control for the sound. As the blinds go up the audio in the sound objects is turned down. As the blinds go down the audio goes up. Each time the blinds close, a new sound composition is heard (there are 3 different pieces made from the same material) for a total of three compositions.

See also: Basement Bass (Gairloch), Second Floor Window Fill, Third Floor Radiator

Exhibition History:
2011 Oakville Galleries Gairloch Gardens (Oakville, Canada)