Untitled: Shelf Works

- 1996/2001

From the Amusement Machine Series

Materials: shelves, battery operated mechanical toys, misc. electrical including in-line ON/OFF switches, misc. hardware and fabricated metal parts

Dimensions (h x w x d): shelf 2.5 x 9 x 6.5 inches

Various private collections

The machines are paired according to such qualities as size/profile, kind of gesture or likeness of sound.  The toys are chosen for the particular gesture/sound and the machine construction.  Each one is stripped down to the noise maker and basic mechanical parts. Each toy has an in-line switch viewers are invited to operate.

See also: In Stereo, Blue Moon

Exhibition History:
2005 The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery (Toronto, Canada); 2003 Zabriskie Gallery (New York, USA); 2002 Neutral Ground (Regina, Canada); 2002 L’Oeil De Poisson (Quebec City, Canada); 2002 Museo di San Domenico (Imola, Italy); 2001 The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery (Toronto, Canada); 1999 The Nunnery (London, England); 1998 Owens Art Gallery (Sackville, Canada); 1998 Cold City Gallery (Toronto, Canada); 1997 Galerie Christiane Chassay (Montreal, Canada)