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Curtain Machine

- 2008

Materials: 3 mechanical sheer curtains, misc electrical and electronics, lights, performer

Software design: Wild Rhombus Software

Curtain Machine is both a site work and performance. Located in a street level apartment in Berlin (Germany), Curtain Machine consisted of three layers of sheer, mechanical curtains controlled by machine operator, Canadian dancer/choreographer Shannon Cooney. Using a set of performance instructions, audio and visual cues were used to determine when, how fast and how much to move each curtain layer. Given the nature of the controls, the curtain material, the changing light conditions and the reverberant architecture, what resulted was a kind of conundrum: a score that seemed simple enough to perform–stand still, listen and respond with a turn of a dial–became an arduous performance.

Exhibition History:
2008 Görlitzerstrasse 49 (Berlin, Germany)