Sound Can

(Multiple) - 2003

Edition: 10 (published by Art Metropole, Toronto)

Materials: stainless steel sugar shaker, misc. audio electronics and parts, batteries, field recordings, instructions

Dimensions (h x w x d): 5.25 x 3 x 3 inches

Various private collections



Soundcan is a sound work as well as a record/playback device built into a large stainless steel salt shaker. Each Soundcan has a unique 2 minute sound work - made with the can itself. Each 2 minute sound work has been broken down into many audio segments. These audio segments are played back one after the other. Playback features include 'play/pause', 'stop/reset' and 'loop'. The 'loop' feature allows the first segment to repeat endlessly. Soundcan is also a recording device. It comes equipped with a separate blank, 2 minute audio chip and a small microphone. Instructions are included.

Exhibition History:
2006 Dalhousie Art Gallery (Halifax, Nova Scotia); 2005 Klink and Bank (Reykjavik, Iceland); 2003 Art Metropole (Toronto)