Sound Can

(Multiple) - 2003

Drainage Holes

My Reverie

Small Falling Things

Rubber Band Can

High Notes in the Country (Durham in the Spring)

All My Friends Sing David Toop's Do The Bathosphere

Happy Marla

Bootlegged Recording of the Last 2 Minutes of Martin Arnold's Herl

Music For Two Prepared Bicycles

Intermittent Ryhthm

Soundcan is a sound work as well as a record/playback device built into a large stainless steel sugar shaker. Each Soundcan has a unique 2 minute sound work - made with the can itself. Each 2 minute sound work has been broken down into many audio segments. These audio segments are played back one after the other. Playback features include 'play/pause', 'stop/reset' and 'loop'. The 'loop' feature allows the first segment to repeat endlessly. Soundcan is also a recording device. It comes equipped with a separate blank, 2 minute audio chip and a small microphone. Instructions are included.

See also: The Listener, Mixers

Exhibition History:
2006 Dalhousie Art Gallery (Halifax, Nova Scotia); 2005 Klink and Bank (Reykjavik, Iceland); 2003 Art Metropole (Toronto)