Sound Ball 4

(Multiple) - 2004

Made in collaboration with Eric Chenaux & The Tristanos

Materials: stainless steel tea ball, misc. audio electronics and parts, LEDs, batteries, sound

Dimensions: 4 inches in diameter

Excerpts from 2 Sound Balls:
Drum and Thumb Piano, Whammied and Flerbed (Flanged Reverb) & Whammied Percussion

Various private collections

Sound Ball 4 is a sound work built into a perforated stainless steel tea ball. Made in collaboration with Eric Chenaux (a Toronto based musician and composer) for a series of performances with his band The Tristanos, each Sound Ball has a unique sound work made with recordings of the musicians in the band. These recordings were then treated with an effects pedal and recorded. When turned ON, the Sound Ball lights up in the spirit of a disco ball. Audio loops vary between 60 seconds and 2 minutes. Sound Ball was used as a percussion instrument for the performances.

See also: Marla Hlady and The Tristanos, Soundball (guitar amps), Soundball (crate amp), Soundball: Dancehauling, Mixers

Exhibition History:
2009 The Children’s Museum (Kitchener, Canada) as part of Cafka (The Contemporary Art Forum, Kitchener and Area); 2006 Dalhousie Art Gallery (Halifax, Canada); 2005 Klink and Bank (Reykjavik, Iceland); 2004 used in performance collaboration with musician/composer Eric Chenaux and "The Tristanos" for RAT-DRIFTING (monthly experimental music series, Toronto) and ART METRONOME, an Art Metropole event, Harbourfront Theatre (Toronto, Canada); 2004 Mercer Union Gallery (Toronto, Canada)